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Research Methods

Survey ABX Discourse Ethnography  

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Linguistics, Dialects, Queer Theory, Emerging Adulthood News interviews links to papers

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Data Science

Pattern Playback ABX Regression Analysis Card/Pile sort R statistical language

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Content Writing

Writing work I've done beyond my blog, beyond short fiction, and beyond academia. → Public essays and editorials on language and digital culture. Content for business. Style guides. White papers. Press releases and site launch announcements.


Graphic Design

Bouldin Creek Cafe: 2010 Menu Redesign

In 2010, Bouldin Creek Cafe (a vegetarian restaurant in Austin, Texas) moved from its small...
Hacking Language icon

Icons for Digital Literacy

These icons were designed to accompany a series of lessons teaching students the five core...

Bits and Pieces

Odds and Ends. Minimalist poster for A Clockwork Orange: Infographic of post-types, one month of...

Web Comic: Life After PhD

Can I redirect this to my webcomic?

Research Posters

Academic poster presentations marry the worlds of graphic design, content, and research. This is a...

Board Game: Night of the Butterflies

Night of the Butterflies is a tile-and-dice game where 3-5 players work cooperatively against the...

2016 Calendar Project

…more to come as the year marches on.


News and press clippings; papers and essays I've written. File Under: Linguistics, Digital Humanities, Queer Theory, Emerging Adulthood, Dialectology, Invented Languages


Curriculum & Instruction

I teach people about language and the Internet.

Popular Linguistics on YouTube
Come a-linguisting with me!

*Popular Linguistics* is the name of a YouTube series I created, showcasing short, educational videos covering linguistic topics.

Popular Linguistics on YouTube
Invented Languages! Klingon and Beyond…

for UT – Austin for SDSU for Austin Bat Cave as a Company Team Building Exercise

Invented Languages! Klingon and Beyond…
Doug teaches American Speech
SDSU Assistant Professorship, Portfolio
Professor Bigham

From 2011–2016, I was an Assistant Professor, tenure-track, in the Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages at San Diego State University. 

SDSU Assistant Professorship, Portfolio

DS Bigham

User Researcher, Digital Culture & Language Expert, Writer, Designer, Teacher