Hello, Linguists!

The LING 101 website was used as part of an introduction to linguistics course taught at San Diego State University by me (dsbigham) in Fall 2014. In this course (which was a General Education core course option), I incorporated a pedagogy of Digital Literacy into our discussions aboutĀ linguistics. I believe that the tools of Digital Literacy (and a Digital Humanities approach to linguistics) are crucial for today’s Arts & Letters / Liberal Arts students. Feel free to poke around this website to see what we did, how we used online spaces and DL tools, and how I managed this semi-flipped classroom. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at douglas (dot) bigham (at) mail (dot) sdsu (dot) edu.

Stay Tuned for more LING 101 bloggery in the semesters ahead! As of now, Spring 2016 will be the next time we have a Digital Humanities iterationĀ of LING 101 at SDSU.


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