Red Wins In Six

A quick rocket race-to-the-finish card game of strategy and chance, playing for points or coins.

  • 2~3 Players, age 12+
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to play a match!
  • Great for date night, families, & good- natured tavern gaming!
  • Print & Play files below; or buy your copy today at The Game Crafter!

OUR STORY SO FAR… You want to captain the first ship to land on the mysterious Ringed Planet, but you won’t succeed. Red lands first; reaching the Rings in six rounds. You already know this. But what happened between now and then? What perils befell you and and your competitors? What role did the shadowy financier “Corporation” have in your failure? Most importantly… who kept the coin? Red may win in six, but how they win is up to you!