The San Diego Speaks! project wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of San Diego State University, the San Diego State University Research Foundation, and the Department of Linguistics & Asian/Middle Eastern Languages at San Diego State University.

San Diego Speaks! uses interviews and a modified reading of the standard dialectology passage “Arthur The Rat”. We’ve turned Arthur into a Dolphin named Danny– a true Southern Californian— who lives in a cove along the California coast with his friend, Jaime the Bat. Our participants read a story about Danny, read a list of words, and then play with Danny and Jaime puppets while we record the fun.

We’re still in the beginning stages of research at San Diego Speaks!, but we’ve had the chance to present our findings at some national conferences and our work has already served as the foundation for one student MA thesis.

(2015, January, Poster Presentation at ADS/LSA). Bigham, D.S., D. Jenné, and T. Mahler. Indexing Chill: GOOSE, GOAT, and Bro-Dudes of the Urban Southwest. Poster presentation at the American Dialect Society Annual Meeting at LSA, January 2015, Portland, Oregon. [ABSTRACT] [POSTER]

(2014, October, Poster Presentation at NWAV 43). Mahler, T., D. Jenné, & D.S. Bigham. From Jeff Spicoli to Woody Wooderson: Chill Bro-Dudes, GOOSE, GOAT, and the Urban Southwest. Poster presentation at New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 43, October 2014, Chicago, Illinois. [ABSTRACT] [POSTER]

(2014, Summer , MA Thesis). Jenné, Danielle. 2014. Variation in the FACE and GOAT vowels among Southern Californians. Master’s Thesis for SDSU Department of Linguistics, San Diego.

(2013, October, Prepared Talk at 6CEA). Linguistic Variation among Emerging Adults at Three US Universities. Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood 6th Biennial Conference (6CEA), October 2013, Chicago, Illinois. [ABSTRACT]

(2013, September, Prepared Talk at ICLCE 5). Southwestern US English: Indexing “Local” Identity in Dialect Contact Settings via Performance Speech. Fifth International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (ICLCE 5), September 2013, Austin, Texas. [ABSTRACT]