Hey sexy.

Hello October…

…summer is officially over, goodbye beautiful boys, goodbye dreams of the beach, goodbye my constant indecision over whether I should try to get a tan or try to avoid skin cancer, goodbye dreams of looking like a Ken Doll by Halloween. Hello autumn acceptance. Hello long walks with the dogs. Hello travel. Hello, hello, hello.

Goodbye, and Hello.

Hello Tranarchy!

Tranarchy!Tranarchy!, the newest party to ATX, is going to be a genderfucked nightmare of a good time. Me and my three co-party planner companions have worked our asses off for this, so expect it to be amazing. Follow us on Twitter (@Tranarchy & #tranarchy, fyi), Facebook, and do have a look at the website when you can. Even if you’re not in town, Tranarchy’s digital webesence promises to produce images and textual non-sequiturs to thrill, delight, and tickle you pink. Do have a look-see, won’t you?

Hello to you, link…

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