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2,333 Souls: Sister Bridget

Long into the night, the sisters' banter echoed in the crenellations of the tin walls, echoed in the spindles of Beatrice's rocking chair, echoed in bare footfalls of Bridget's pacing, echoed in the swings from excitement to melancholy in Bernice's timbre. As they bickered and laughed and told tales of the townsfolk...

October 3rd

Six tiny stories for October 3rd: On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. “What day is it?” he asked. “It’s October 3rd,” I said. …

Modern Gods

I don’t really care for American Gods, but I do like the central conceit of ‘new gods for a new age’ or ‘old gods in modern context’. I would just do it differently than Neil Gaiman does. How so? Glad you asked! TWIN GODS OF ENERGY I would start with the god of Speed. Not

18 Hours

In the third generation after we’d colonized the Douzaines Moons, the gems started appearing. A sort of shimmering blood-blister, growing under a fingernail, usually, though about one in a five get it under a toenail, becoming a full-fledged gémmoire a few years after the first flush of hormonal puberty has settled in. The First Ones