Month: October 2015

The Rock Duck

Subsisting mainly on a diet of smaller canyon mammals, this smallish medium-large bird (bigger than the family dog, but only by enough) isn’t a duck at all, but rather a member of the raptor family– a kind of hawk or buzzard or vulture. The Rock Duck got its name not because of its looks (for

The Dancing Deer

Out in the middle of New Mexico, where the fertile Rio Grande river valley cuts through the foothills of some unknown mountain range, and desert gives way to a lush pine forest, somewhere along the road from Roswell to Alamogordo, you’ll find the most curious and horrible kind of deer. Easily 10 feet high at

I am not a plastic set of neural pathways anymore.

[NB: This has been lingering in my drafts for a while now; enjoy with caution.] So, I wanted to go to the grocery store the other day. And it turns into this big process, right? Back in Austin, my hometown, we have a ban on plastic bags at grocery stores —well, at any stores, really,