Month: December 2015

Goals and Predictions 2016.

Goals and Predictions 2016. With one or two major exceptions (getting married; moving back to Austin), 2015 was a shit year. So I’m writing it off in lieu of 2016– it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and I am looking boldly into the face of tomorrow! I’m about to turn 34 (again), I

Teaching to (the) code?

So, in about six weeks, I’ll begin teaching an online course– Introduction to Language and Linguistics, aka, LING 101. The course is fully online asychonous, which means that students go through the course at a self-directed pace, so most of the lectures, readings, and grading are automated. It’s not quite that loose, but close enough. The course

The Moonshadow Fox

In an anthropology of the world, twins are usually regarded with some combination of suspicion, mystery, magic, and awe. So it should be fitting that we close our tales of Gaia’s misbegotten monsters on a happier and altogether more magical note with the story of a twin fox named Moonshadow. A creature so pure and

Teaching Digital Skillz

Digital Humanities. Blah blah blah, digital humanities. This coming Wednesday, I’m going to put up this great post about how the notion of “Digital Literacy” isn’t really a kind of literacy at all. I’m going to play devil’s advocate and tell you that maybe people don’t need to learn how to code. I’m going to

The Deserts’ Kiss

Not all of nature’s demons are animals, you know. Sometimes it’s not just the gremlins that glower in the grove, but the greenery itself. You’ve probably all heard of the butterfly-eating cobra lilies in the Oregon boglands, or the common venus flytrap in North Carolina’s Green Swamp, or even the tree mushrooms that live in any