Taco Sunday.

So, Marge says to me, she says “Hey, Bill– you wanna try something new?”

I mean, we’re talking about dinner, and I figure she’s about to ask me if I want the Yukon Gold or the Idaho Russets in the pot roast– because it’s Sunday and we always have pot roast on Sunday– or at least I think that she’s about to ask me about the potatoes, but then she says, you’ll never guess what she says, she says, “What if we skip ahead and have Taco Tuesday tonight?”

“Taco Tuesday on Sunday?” I say, “Marge, what are you thinking?”

“Oh,” she says, “I was just thinking maybe we’d mix it up– add a little variety. They say it’s the spice of life, y’know.” she says.

“Oh!,” I say, “Ooo la la. A little spicey Sunday.” And I’m still thinking she’s joking of course– I mean if we have Taco Tuesday on Sunday then what are we gonna do on Tuesday? And she starts laughing and I start laughing and I figure that’s the end of it– but then she says, guess what she says, she says, “Well, what do you think?”

“Marge,” I say, “Marge, are you serious? You really wanna have Taco Tuesday today– on Sunday?”

“Well, yeah,” she says, “Let’s live a little.”


So there you have it. That’s why I’m eating leftover tacos on a Monday. Goodness knows what we’ll be having for dinner tomorrow, I sure as fire doubt it’s gonna be pot roast, though, because Tuesday is game night with Marge’s Warcraft club and I have my book circle meeting, so neither of us is gonna have the time to peel the carrots and potatoes and, heck, I don’t even know if we have celery right now, so I just don’t know what we’re going to do.

And I mean, really, Tom. Taco Tuesday on a Sunday– variety is the spice of life? Have you ever heard such a thing? I’m getting worried, Tom. I mean, if she wants Tacos on Sunday, then what’s next? Margaritas at brunch? Is she going to start taking me to those tapas bar places? Maybe she’s already going to those tapas bar places, but by herself?

Taco Tuesday on Sunday, Tom… I think my wife is going to leave me.

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