Welcome to 3.0

So this is my new blog– the third of my attempts to keep an online record of the thoughts whizzing around in my mind.  I’ll do my best. The launch of the Boilerplate 3.0 blog also marks the final stage in my transition into an all-but-wetwired transhuman; I’ve got ‘em all now– all the links, all the feeds, all the bells and whistles– all hooked into and webbing with one another.  I feel so *now*!

Make sure to check out my other projects if you got time.  I do a webcomic, Life After Ph.D., and I’ve written a novel, The Apophenia of Modernity.  You should also take a look around the website for the Texas English Project (texasenglish.org), my primary employer.  The TxEngProj promises to be an amazing outreach initiative in modern dialect research– bringing linguistics to the people!  Finally, if you know me in an academic context, make sure to check out my professional web-cv mainsite, DS Bigham (dot) Net (although, since it’s the parent site of this blog, you’ve probably already seen it already…).

Check back often or RSS me for updates.  I hope to get them churned out as regularly as I get the webcomic out.

Peace out,


PS>>> The picture, btw, is from 2006, when I was living in Carbondale, IL, doing dissertation fieldwork.

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