P.R., sweetie!

Getting the word out.

Just a quick note this time… I’m working on getting the word out about Boilerplate 3.0 (aka, the blog you’re reading now) and Life After Ph.D. (my webcomic). I’ve entered my webcomic in two forums recently: io9’s Robot Art Contest and Whitechapel’s uber-list of webcomics. The theme of the io9 contest was “We welcome our new robot overlords,” in honor of the upcoming RoboGames. I think I did a pretty good job capturing the theme while still keeping with Life After Ph.D. particular comedic style. You can see my submission for io9 here. Whitechapel was just a list of webcomics; my entry is here.

The funny thing is, this whole blog & webcomic were really started as a way to promote my blog-novel, The Apophenia of Modernity, but I can barely keep up with updating it, let alone promoting it. Oh well… that’ll be next week’s task, I suppose.


Ha! No links today.


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