The coffee is also bitter.

I need coffee and there is way too much light in this bar.

I mean, there isn’t, though. Not really. The lighting seems perfectly adequate, in fact.

And it’s not a bar. It’s a coffeeshop. It’s not even a coffeeshop that serves beer. It’s just snobby coffee, and it’s not even that snobby, it’s just coffee that people really care about and it tastes like it (and is priced accordingly).

I still don’t have any coffee, though.

I got here just after the lunch rush and, man, this place is BOOMING. So I sat down as soon as a table opened up, and I figured I’d get my coffee as soon as the line died down, but that has not happened yet.

The music here is bad, btw. Very. Very. Bad. And the college kids have flooded the damn place (it’s nearly finals week… it might already be finals week?) and the antibiotics I’m on are making me queasy and I forgot my damn headphones.


What’s your coffee thing? Do you have a place you go to? Do you have a morning ritual? Do you drink coffee from the beginning of your day until the moment you fall asleep, as I do? Tell me everything.

But anyway, how about some updates?

Update: I’ve been flirting with a guy online nearly every day for two weeks now, yet he still hasn’t liked any of my selfies. I’m perplexed.

Update: “Red Wins In Six”, the little mini card game I made for a Game Crafter contest (the contest was to make a game that fits entirely in an 18-card “hook box” deck) has sold but one copy. I see you, fam, putting hearts on my tweets, liking my instagram promotions, and yet— and yet but one copy has sold. Come on, yall! It’s less than $10 after shipping! Get it!

Update: I just got a “font-size and colors proofing deck” back, so the other two games I’m working on can move into the physical proof-of-concept phase. Holler at me if you want to play-test and review anything.

Update: Writing continues fairly well. I manage between 300 and 1500 words a day, most days. The “Red, Blue, Green” short, after a week of hiatus while I had strep, is back with a new chapter. And I took a break for a hot minute to rage-out over a famous linguist’s arrogance when it comes to the issues of marginalized people (read it on my Medium if you like linguistics). But the larger work… The problem I’m facing with writing the book-book is more an emotional one than anything else— I’m wondering if the world *wants* “queer comedy of errors low-brow sci fi”. I mean, they should— alien butt plugs are a gold mine for comedy— so they definitely should want that. But I don’t know if they do. Le sigh.

Update: I got my cup of coffee.

Thanks, yall! See you soon!

:heart: doug

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