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Wisdom of the Crowds.

Two Things. (1) Crowds are only wise in the sense of generating a statistical bell-curve around an absolute point. Crowds have no ‘wisdom’ about subjective things, like whether or not high-collars will be fashionable in 2012, or whether or not the world will end in a mayantechosingularityclusterfuck. Crowds are not wise, nor are they even

Dork Dork Dork

I like the term “8bit.” I think I’m going to re-appropriate as a general catch-all for the traditional definition of nerd/dork/geek (rather than the new “Everyone’s a geek!” weak-ass interpretation).  It’s got all the caché of those other terms with none of the pejorative implications, plus, it’s esoteric enough to maintain some sense of sub-cultural

I am the Modern Man.

Oh, modernity. Machines to read our minds! This weekend was all about the modern. Updated the blog-novel and the webcomic just in time to head to SXSWi’s Screenburn Arcade and promo-push my creative endeavors…. I left my ‘business card’ promo’ing the sites on tables, set the homepages of all the ‘connection center’ computers to


Jackson Pollock’s “Blue Poles Number II” Points of Order 1.) The Apophenia of Modernity re-launches this week (today, in fact! Check it out!). Due to some issues with RSS I’ve had to migrate from LiveJournal to WordPress, which actually bugs me a lot. I mean, LiveJournal is the ur-blogging tool– if I’m going to write

Welcome to 3.0

So this is my new blog– the third of my attempts to keep an online record of the thoughts whizzing around in my mind.  I’ll do my best. The launch of the Boilerplate 3.0 blog also marks the final stage in my transition into an all-but-wetwired transhuman; I’ve got ‘em all now– all the links,