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The Decision Tree.

Run Program. Maybe. In Freud’s time, the most advance technology was the steam-engine, so, naturally, he analyzed the human mind as if it were like a steam engine… people needing to “blow off steam,” things getting “bottled up until they explode,” our desires needing a “governor,” etc. More recently, with the advancement of computer technology,

House cleaning.

My house looks like a disaster… …some unholy cross between episodes of Hoarders, Cops, and the as-yet-unproduced Filth. We’ve been meaning to clean it, of course. Meaning to wade through the mountains of dirty socks and thrice-used underware stacked on the living room table, “to be washed”; meaning to do a walk-through of the other

Welcome to 3.0

So this is my new blog– the third of my attempts to keep an online record of the thoughts whizzing around in my mind.  I’ll do my best. The launch of the Boilerplate 3.0 blog also marks the final stage in my transition into an all-but-wetwired transhuman; I’ve got ‘em all now– all the links,