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Falling from the tower.

I got a job. Or, more specifically, I got a paid position in the exact field that I’ve been training for these last 14 years. I got a career. I have a permanent room in the Ivory Tower now. It feels good. Cool. Refreshing. Intentional. Adult. That’s how it’s supposed to feel, anyway. Instead, it

Response to bin Laden’s death in three parts.

Consider this my short response to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death, in three parts. Part One :: The American Way I’m not taking part in the death celebration. I don’t like the idea of celebrating someone’s murder, regardless of the political backstory, regardless of the culpability of the now-dead. Because this wasn’t an

The Science of Stimulus

I’m donating my body to science… …but not the anatomical medicine sciences. Instead, I’ve decided to donate my body to the psychological sciences. I’ll not wait for death to be a service to mankind; I’ll start now, while the blood is fresh and synapses are still firing. The experiment? I’ll engage in the art of

Hey sexy.

Hello October… …summer is officially over, goodbye beautiful boys, goodbye dreams of the beach, goodbye my constant indecision over whether I should try to get a tan or try to avoid skin cancer, goodbye dreams of looking like a Ken Doll by Halloween. Hello autumn acceptance. Hello long walks with the dogs. Hello travel. Hello,

Clickity Clackity on Parallel Lines.

Travelling by train… …still feels glamourous to me. As if every bump, every pitch and roll, every sway were a reminder that I am a Very Important Person… I am a Traveller.* I cannot wait for the day when we all go by trains and only trains. Well, trains and foot-power. And jet pack. Definitely